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23 - 24 jan, Stockholm

Flexible nuclear power and ancillary services

The Nordic energy system is facing a "new normal", with a large share of weather-dependent electicity generation that provides variable power output and only limited ancillary services. How will this affect the power system and do the nuclear power plants need to adjust operations to this new situation?

Distinguished speakers from an international arena will give their view on the flexibility potential of nuclear power and its stabilizing characteristics for the benefit of the transmission system. For some countries flexible nuclear operations will play an important role in decarbonization scenarios where nuclear power may act as dispatchable backup in combination with weather-dependent power sources.

In France a large part of the nuclear power fleet is operating in flexible mode already today. What is the outlook for the Nordic nuclear power fleet?


Program overview

January 23, 18.00-22.00: Keynote speach and conference dinner at the Royal Academy of Engineering Sciences.

Long term strategy for a climate-neutral Europe by 2050
- Opportunities and challenges of nuclear energy
Mr Gerassimos Thomas, Deputy Director-General of the Directorate-general for Energy (DG ENER) at the European Commission.

January 24, 8.30-16.30: Seminar held at Vattenfall headquarters in Solna, Stockholm.


Detailed program:

Part 1: Opportunities, challenges and experiences

Increasing Incitation for Non-Baseload Operation of Nuclear Power Plants: IAEA’s Observations
Dr Ness Kilic, IAEA

Foratom’s view on flexible nuclear power
Yves Desbazeille, Foratom

Nuclear Power Plant flexibility at EDF : 30 years of experience
Patrick Morilhat, EdF

Flexibility in Operation : increase safety and profitability – Framatome’s worldwide solutions
Thibaut Gain, Framatome


Part 2: The role of nuclear power – Global view

Why we need a low-carbon dispatchable energy technology
Dr Jesse Jenkins, Harvard (by video)

What are the key challenges for nuclear and how to address them
Prof. Jacopo Buongiorno, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Panel: Flexible nuclear operations – A possibility or an uncomfortable necessity?
Speakers from IAEA, EdF, Foratom, Framatome, MIT


Part 3: Outlook for the Nordics

Risks and challenges – results from study
Seppo Hänninen, VTT

The role of nuclear power in the Swedish power system
Maja Lundbäck, Svenska Kraftnät

Flexible nuclear power and ancillary services
Johan Svenningsson, Uniper

Flexibility – yesterday, today and tomorrow
Mats Ladeborn, Vattenfall

Panel: What is the role of Nordic nuclear power the coming decades?
Speakers from IAEA, MIT, Svk, Vattenfall, VTT